The Middle Island Architectural Review Committee (MI ARC) follows Design Guidelines that set basic requirements that support the aims of the Middle Island Covenants.  The Guidelines promote a harmonious community through aesthetics, conservation consciousness, and a uniform review process for obtaining approval of the MI Architectural Review Committee. The Architectural Review Committee has the crucial charge of reviewing home plans and administering the Design Guidelines, with numerous reviews handled each year for home plans, landscaping and renovation-related submittals. 

Ideally, architectural review is a collaborative process to find an architectural solution that meets the needs of the owners and results in a building that is in harmony with its environment, balancing aesthetic, financial, and environmental considerations.  The MI ARC makes the final architectural review determinations for new construction and for exterior modifications and expansions.

To achieve that goal, property owners and architects should consult with the MI ARC representative at an early stage of planning.  All questions about the MI ARC processes, should be directed to Kim Bandera, 910-457-4676, Ext 29.

The Middle Island Architecture Review Committee (MI ARC) meets on the 4th Monday of every month.  Submissions go first to the Bald Head Association ARC for technical review and are then  submitted for MI ARC review and approval.  Click HERE for 2024 MI ARC meeting schedule.

Links to important documents: 

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