Middle Island is a private community with homes tucked in and surrounded by a lush maritime forest, with views of the creek and marsh with beautiful views of the sunset. Our East Beach properties have stunning views of the of the ocean, high dunes, and beautiful sunrises. We hope you enjoy your time in this beautiful Paradise. 

Here are some common sense rules and information regarding Middle Island amenities. We ask that you respect our efforts to preserve and protect Middle Island’s natural environment. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Beach Access 

Middle Island has a private beach access located on East Beach Drive, just past 15 East Beach Drive. You will need a key to access the beach through the wooden gate marked “beach access.” The gate must be kept closed and locked at all times. ACCESS KEYS TO THIS AREA MUST BE OBTAINED FROM THE PROPERTY OWNER OR THE PROPERTY RENTAL MANAGER. The Middle Island Property Association Board Members do not have access keys to provide to guests and renters. So please do not contact them if you are unable to obtain your beach access key. 

The Bald Head Island public parking lot with beach access is located just outside of the Middle Island entrance, and you may want to use that access, if you are unable to access Middle Island’s Beach access. 

Parking for Beach Access 

Parking for beach access is on East Beach Drive, near the intersection of Cape Creek Road, just across from the beach access gate. It is on the left (creek side), and it is clearly marked. Only four-person carts may use this parking area. Six person carts must use the overflow lot, which is 150 feet to the North on East Beach Drive. There is clear signage directing you these parking areas. Street parking in Middle Island is prohibited. 

When using the Middle Island Beach, please remember these rules: 

  • Keep children and dogs on the walkway. The Village poses a $500 fine for walking on the dunes. 
  • It is prohibited to leave any beach equipment (chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, etc.) under the stairs, on the beach or dunes. 
  • It is important to keep dogs under control. Dogs MUST be on a leash from Sunset to Sunrise during Turtle Nesting Season (May 1-November 15) 
  • Remember to clean up your dog’s waste and dispose of it properly. 

Bald Head Creek Docks 

FLOATING DOCK--Property owners, their overnight guests, and renters staying in a Middle Island home may use the floating dock near the maintenance building on Cape Creek Road for crabbing and fishing. Only property owners and overnight guests (not renters or day visitors) may launch canoes and kayaks from this dock. Please keep the gate to the floating dock closed and locked at all times. It is prohibited to leave unattended canoes, kayaks and other equipment on the dock. Children must be accompanied by an adult. ACCESS KEYS MUST BE OBTAINED FROM PROPERTY OWNER OR PROPERTY MANAGER. 

SMALL FIXED DOCK—Property owners, their overnight guests and renters staying in a Middle Island home may use the small fixed dock near 7 Cape Creek Road to launch canoes and kayaks. Please do not store or leave any unattended equipment on the dock. Children must be accompanied by an adult. 

SANCTUARY AND CAPE CREEK MARINA—Only Middle Island property owners and guests accompanied by the property owner, may go beyond the locked gate to the Sanctuary and marina. Renters and unaccompanied guests may not obtain keys to this part of the island and should not go beyond the gate. 

Wildlife Exploration 

Bald Head Island has been designated an “Important Bird Area” by Audubon due to the incredible diversity of birds that can be found here. The Ibis sanctuary is located on the edge of Middle Island is where hundreds of birds nest during the summer months. While renters and guests are not allowed to access these areas, the Bald Head Island Conservancy provides educational seminars and conducts dedicated guided tours into these areas to search for many different species of birds such as the painted bunting, the Ibis, and bald eagles. 

Please contact the Bald Head Island Conservancy at or call 910-338-0911 for more information. 

[Homeowners:  Please provide your renters with a copy of this welcome. 

You can download and print a PDF version here.]