Every day is a good day on Middle Island!!



The Middle Island Property Owners Association (MIPOA) is incorporated under the laws of North Carolina.  Friday, May 22nd, Middle Island was successfully transferred from the Middle Island Plantation LLC (formerly Young Realty) to the Middle Island Property Owners Association.   See the new approved covenants below.

The Mission of the MIPOA is to provide leadership on behalf of our members through community advocacy, communication with and for our members and decisions that foster the values and preserve the unique natural environment of Middle Island.

In fulfilling our mission, we will provide leadership to our community to create a vision for the long-term quality of life living in harmony with nature and the financial sustainability of Middle Island.

Young Realty has transferred the roads and other assets to the property owners association.  The provisions of the North Carolina Planned Community Act have been adapted in order to provide a sustainable way to maintain the roads and any other amenities accepted by the property owners. 

The Board encourages property owners' continued active participation, and is committed to active communication through this web site, through Facebook, through e-mails to property owners and through ongoing meetings of the Board and property owners.