When you purchase a property in Middle Island, you are entitled to access to several amenities that require secure key access. There are two keys for beach access, one for the floating dock, and one for the marina. Keys should be left by the previous owner. If you do not find these in your new home, you should first contact the previous owner to try to obtain them. In the event you do not receive these, please follow these instructions. 

Beach Access and Floating Dock Access – Access to both of these areas will be through a key lock at the entrance at each location. If you did not receive the keys from the previous owner, you may contact Charles Pardee at email pardee@islc.net for the updated keys. 

Cape Creek Marina—Due to deed restrictions, and to discourage unauthorized users, the Association limits the number of keys to the gate to the Sanctuary and Cape Creek Marina. These keys are for use only by Middle Island property owners. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THESE KEYS BE MADE AVAILABLE TO GUESTS OR RENTERS. 

  • One Key will be sent, at no charge to: 

    --The owner of an improved lot, on request 

    --The owner of an unimproved lot, on request 

  • A Second Key will be provided at a cost of $10 to: 

   --The owner of an improved lot, on request 

   --The owner of more than one lot, on request 

  • Any owner requiring a third key, should send a request explaining the need. The charge for this will be $25 

Requests for keys should be sent directly to Charles Pardee at email pardee@islc.net Any required payment should be made by check, made out to MIPOA and mailed to Charles Pardee, 1 Bishop Gadsden Way Apt 137, Charleston, SC 29412-3570. Keys will be sent to the owner’s mailing address, unless an alternate address is included in the key request. 

A printable copy can be viewed here.