A deed restriction placed by the developer of Middle Island limits use of the road through the Sanctuary to:

  • Property owners and accompanied guests
  • Conservancy staff and accompanied guests, including educational tour participants

Therefore, the use of the Marina property is also limited to Middle Island property owners and their accompanied guests.

To help enforce the deed restriction, improve security at the Marina, limit the number of unauthorized users, and reduce the cost of key management, the Association is limiting the number of keys to the gate to the Ibis Lake Sanctuary and Cape Creek Marina.  To replace the old broken padlock, we have installed a padlock with keys that cannot be copied.

  • One key will be sent, at no charge, to:
    • The owner of an improved lot (already sent to all owners)*
    • The owner of an unimproved lot, on request.*
  • A second key will be provided at a cost of $25 to:
    • The owner of an improved lot, on request.*
    • The owner of more than one lot, on request.*
    • The owner of an unimproved lot who sends an explanation of why a second key is needed.
  • Any owner requiring a replacement key or a third key should send a request explaining the need.  If issued, there will be a $25 charge.

Routine requests for keys (marked by * above) can be sent directly to Charles Pardee at pardee@islc.net .  Any payment required should be sent by check, made out to MIPOA and sent to Charles Pardee, 4097 Spring Island, Okatie, SC  29909-4040  

Requests that should be accompanied by an explanation of the need for additional keys should be emailed to middleislandpoa@gmail.com .  If ok'd, you can send the payment to Charles Pardee at the address above.

Usually, keys will be sent to the owner's address by mail.  If you need to have the key sent to a different address, please include that address in the email.  

Because of the deed restriction limiting access to owners and guests accompanied by the property owners, each key holder agrees that only Middle Island property owners and Conservancy staff will use the keys.

  • Specifically, the key shall not be available to renters.

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