Your Association identified many of these projects as needed during our due diligence prior to turnover.  Much of the funding came from the transfer payment that Young Entities made to the Association at closing.  Additional funding has come from the portion of annual dues that is dedicated to our capital reserve funds.

CAPE CREEK DOCK:  The Middle Island Marina pier and gangway were renovated and replaced several years ago, and the L-shaped floating dock has been replaced by a finger dock with nine slips.  A kayak launch dock will be added, and a major repair of the boat launching ramp is planned for the coming year.

BALD HEAD CREEK FIXED DOCK has been rebuilt for safety, stability, and aesthetic appeal.  

BEACH ACCESS - both the frontal dune crossing and the primary dune crossing have been rebuilt to meet code and to improve the ease of using the gate and access.

BALD HEAD CREEK FLOATING DOCK - The loop road was converted to a walking path and a parking area created.  The area has been posted to increase privacy and decrease potential liability. 

MIDDLE ISLAND ROAD WORK   CLICK HERE for details of the 2016 road rebuilding project.

PARKING AREAS IMPROVED:  The pull-in area across from the beach access was enlarged and overflow parking created next to the tennis court.

SAFETY AND PRIVACY ENHANCED.  Signage has been added to encourage appropriate parking, to improve safety at the beach access, and to discourage trespassing on the docks and at the Sanctuary.  Security cameras are  at the entrance and at the Cape Creek Dock.

ENTRANCE FENCE:  An attractive fence and landscaping were installed at the entrance to Middle Island.