June 2015 Newsletter

March 2014 Newsletter  (attached initialed plat for lots 4 & 5)

August 2013 Newsletter

July 2013 Newsletter

                                         2015 ANNUAL MEETING

The new Board was elected, the revised bylaws passed and issues affecting all Property Owners were discussed.  Materials presented at the meeting:  Presentation slides    Dock Annual Fees    Access Control Proposal       2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

                                                            2015 DUES INFORMATION

                                                            Budget and Dues                                  
                                                               Budget Table Attachment

                                                            BHI Dues Comparison 

                             TRANSITION DOCUMENTS 5/22/2015                                 

                                    Agreement between MI Plantation, LLC and MIPOA board

                                    Settlement Statement                                   

                                    NC Planned Community Act                                                                 

                                    January 2015 Transition Presentation - Power Point

                                                        Transition Presentation - PDF

                                    FAQ's on Key Transition Issues                                  




Reserve lots 4 and 5 included in Settlement Agreement


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