Before you paint or start that new project...

Remember that ANY plans you have to change the exterior of your home -- including painting, roofs and landscaping -- MUST be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee before work can begin. Other additions that must be approved by the ARC include flagpoles, tree houses, playhouses, signs, exterior lights, monuments, markers, outdoor statuary, patios, decks or any outdoor decorative objects. This takes advanced planning, so the MIPOA ARC and BHA ARC meet numerous times throughout the year to accommodate requests for review. 

Your first step in this process is to contact the Middle Island Architectural Review committee before any preliminary site planning by emailing Melanie Robins at or Lynn Barnard at

Click HERE to view a brief explanation of the MIPOA renovation, exterior house changes and roof colors process

Click HERE to view the complete guidelines and fees

Ideally, architectural review is a collaborative process to find an architectural solution that meets the needs of the owner and results in a building that is in harmony with its environment, balancing aesthetic, financial, and environmental considerations.

To achieve that goal - and to avoid unexpected developments during the review process – property owners and their architects should consult with the MIPOA ARC at an early stage of planning – certainly before any formal filing of plans and ideally before any preliminary site planning – to understand the general review process, the architectural guidelines for Bald Head Island in general and for Middle Island in particular, and the specific features of the property that may affect design review.

The MIPOA Architectural Review Committee makes the final architectural review determinations regarding siting (including tree removal and dune excavation) and exterior architectural design for new construction and for exterior modifications and expansions.

The Bald Head Association and its Architectural Review Committee provides the MIPOA ARC with administrative support, professional staff expertise, and design recommendations arising from the deliberations of the BHA ARC.

In general, reviews use the architectural review guidelines of the Bald Head Association Architectural Review Committee, supplemented by:

1. Setbacks specific to Middle Island

2. Siting considerations specific to Middle Island.  Siting is highly specific to each property. In siting discussions, the ARC will be particularly concerned with:

  • Maintaining set-backs required by our covenants
  • Preserving sight lines for East Beach properties
  • Preserving large trees
  • Assuring that houses in the forest do not extend above the canopy except where necessary
  • Assuring that dunes are altered as little as possible while still creating a viable building site

3. Other specific review guidelines, including roof and building colors and materials

The BHA ARC has the crucial charge of reviewing home plans and administering the Design Guidelines, with numerous reviews handled each year for home plans, landscaping and renovation related submittals.

Click HERE for BHA ARC Complete Architectural Review Guidelines  18th Edition

Click HERE for BHA ARC Complete Landscaping Guidelines

Click HERE for the Bald Head Association's ARC 2016 meeting schedule. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Coordinator at 457-4676 x22. 

The BHA ARC office hours are:

                              8am-12pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 

                              12pm-4pm WALK-INS WELCOME

BHA & Middle Island Architectural Review Committee questions:

Karen Mosteller (Agent) (910) 457-4676 x22 or

Middle Island Property Owners Association

Village of Bald Head   
Building Inspector: Stephen Boyett (910) 457-9700 ext 1004


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