ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW COMMITTEE                                                                                                                    

Chair:  Melanie Robbins

Committee Members:  Brian Johnson, Elayne Bennett, Ronnie Willis

  • Represents MI in the BHA ARC process
  • Enforces the Covenants
  • Develops the process for board review regarding construction decisions & covenant enforcement
  • Develops and distributes educational materials for property owners
  • Develops specific MI Design guidelines



Chair: Shawn Smith   Co-Chair: Jeff Alpert

Committee Members:  Geoff Chatas, Lou Anne Brown, Rex Cowdry

  • Develops recommendations for insurance and investments
  • Develops the Reserve Study and Capital Expenditures Budget
  • Proposes dock and ramp fees for approval by the Board
  • Develops a Proposed Annual Budget and Proposed Annual Assessments for review by Property Owners and the Board



Co-Chairs: Lou Anne Brown and Alan Reyner

Member: Charlie Rowe




Cape Creek Dock & Ramp Replacement Working Group

Chair: Alan Reyner; Co-chair: Jeff Alpert

Members: Cooper Young     


Card/key Management Working Group for crab dock and beach access 

Rex Cowdry


Asphalt Paving and Road Dedication Working group

Chair:  Lou Anne Brown 

Members: Melanie Robbins, Richard Mesaris


Gravel Roads and Chip Seal Working Group

Chair: Rex Cowdry

Members:, Fred Craig, Cooper Young




Article XIV


Section 1.  Appointment. The Board of Directors may appoint such Committees as it deems necessary or appropriate. The Board shall define the duties or tasks to be undertaken or completed by any Committee appointed. All Committees, and the persons thereon, shall serve at the pleasure of the Board. All Committees appointed pursuant to this section shall be for the purpose of assisting or advising the Board and shall have no authority to do any act for or on behalf of the Board or the Association, or to bind the Board or the Association in any way.




  • The Board appoints the Chair and all voting members of committees. 
  • Each committee chair is responsible for working with the committee members to determine which committee member will have primary responsibility for each of the committee’s activities.  Each committee member should be clear regarding his or her role on the committee.  
  • The Committee Chair may appoint an individual with appropriate expertise, who may not be on the committee or board, as a non-voting consultant to the committee. 


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