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We sent an update to property owners on September 20, and will send further information once we have been able to get to Middle Island to perform a careful inspection of storm damage.  In the meantime, the Association arranged for an initial survey of Middle Island by High Tide Helicopters.

The Maritime Forest can be seen at

East Beach Drive homes can be seen at

Our new Cape Creek Dock can be seen at

An extensive set of pictures of Bald Head Island more generally from Sept 17 or 18 can be seen at

A set of photos from the Star News online can be seen at


Our Annual Meeting was held September 1, 2018, at the Conservancy.  The membership elected Rex Cowdry, Fred Craig, and Alan Reyner to three-year terms.  You can view a PowerPoint presentation of the key meeting topics here, and the draft minutes here

The opening of the rebuilt Cape Creek Dock was announced at the meeting.  A picture and more information about the dock can be found here.


Chuck Pardee, the Association's accountant, has reported the results of the balloting.  Ballots were received representing 93 of the 109 lots.

On the proposal to pave the roads and convey them to the Village, 28 were for, and 64 against.

  • East Beach Drive lots voted 4 for and 15 against conveyance.
  • Forest lots voted 24 for and 49 against the special assessment and conveyance.

On the proposal to pave the roads, if they remain private, Forest lots voted 23 for and 47 against the special assessment to pave the roads.

On the proposal to have a non-binding 5-year moratorium on reconsideration of conveyance, 68 were for, and 25 against

  • East Beach Drive lots voted 12 for and 8 against
  • Forest lots voted 56 for and 17 against

Prior to the vote, the Board held three meetings to discuss the options for Middle Island roads.  You can view the presentations: 

  • The Board's presentation about the costs of road options  (click here)
  • Preserve Middle Island presentation advocating for a private community with private roads   (click here)
  • Paved Roads Advocacy Group presentation advocating for paving and turning the roads over to the Village   (click here)


For the fourth consecutive year, all assessments were paid.  Thank you all for your prompt support of our association and our activities on your behalf.

Our combined Annual Meeting and Annual Budget Meeting was held at the Conservancy at 3pm on November 25, the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend.  The Agenda and the Presentation can be found here under the Annual Meeting listing.

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association include interim presentations about the road options and the Cape Creek Dock and Ramp, and ample opportunity for property owners to ask questions and to comment on the work to date on these issues.  

The Annual Budget Meeting approved the 2018 Operating Budget, Reserve Funds Budget, and Annual Assessments, adopted by the Board on October 2.  Those budget documents are found here under Materials for the October 2, 2017 Board Meeting.  (They are also included in the slide presentation for the Annual Meeting.)  The proposed annual assessment will increase between 1.9% and 3.9% depending on lot type, our first increase in three years.  This increase primarily reflects our expectation that the Youngs will use less of David Ward’s time in 2018.  The operating fund surplus at the end of 2017 was distributed as follows:  50% to property owners as a credit against 2018 dues,  50% applied to the General Reserve Fund.  


CONTACT INFORMATION:  David Ward is your contact for key replacements or to report problems and concerns with the beach access, docks, roads or other Middle Island common amenities. Contact him at

Questions, comments, and suggestions about policies, priorities, and dues should be sent to the MIPOA board at   

Map Courtesty of Wendy Wilmont Properties

The mission of the Middle Island Property Owners Association (MIPOA) is to maintain and improve the Association's amenities;  to enhance the experience of owners and visitors; to protect the investment property owners have made in our community; and to foster the unique natural environment of Middle Island.  

We aim to provide excellent, cost-effective, and responsive management on behalf of our members.

Map courtesy of Wendy Wilmont Properties

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